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The sweater for a lifetime

The 400 series is a comfy and eco-friendly sweater that weighs more or less 400 grams and does not sacrifice on style. Ideal to wear to the office, but just as perfect to throw on when you’re at home.

Production techniques

The 400 series pullover is made with a single jersey stitch and a 2 x 1 rib at the hem and cuffs. The pullover is knitted on our Stoll multi-gauge flatbed knitting machine of 7.2GG. We programmed and knitted each pattern panel with the Fully Fashion technique.

Contrary to Cut-and-Sew knitting, the Fully-Fashion technique eliminates cutting waste. All the panels are linked together to create a warm and comfortable pullover. Special focus was placed on the shoulder and neckline to show beautiful Fully-Fashion details. At the inside of the left sleeve, right above the cuff, you can find a 2,7 cm wide ottoman: a signature BOWIES detail.

Wool heritage

For this order, BOWIES bought mulesing free wool from an existing batch. This batch contains wool from various parts of the world. From next order, we will have more information about the heritage per lot.


This batch contains wool from: mainly South Africa, Australia, New-Zealand and parts of Southern America.


Hand wash only
Do not bleach
Dry flat
Iron on low heat
Dry clean only

Wool is great for keeping you warm, but not so much at surviving a ride in your washing machine. If you do wish to wash your wool items, do it in cool water (by hand or machine-wash on gentle cycle) and with detergent designed to use on wool. Heavier duties? Take them to a dry cleaner.

The skin interacts with the external environment 24 hours a day. Therefore, next-to-skin clothing plays an important role in skin health and hygiene. Wool makes an excellent choice because it protects the body in both cold and warm conditions: it helps to hold in body heat, but also accelerates our natural cooling down process by absorbing perspiration.

Wool’s natural moisture management properties help defer the onset of liquid sweating and keep the skin drier. Less breathable fabrics such as many synthetics will cause the skin to become moist, encouraging bacterial growth and odour development.

The 400 is designed as a unisex fit: not too slim, not too loose. It’s best to fold your knitwear – hanging will stretch the garment out of shape – and rest your wool items for quite some time before wearing it again. This gives the natural resilience and spring in the wool fibre time to recover and return to its original shape.

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The sweater’s fit is laidback. Please use this guide to help you find your correct size. All measurements are garment measurements – take the measures on a garment laying out on a flat surface to choose your suitable size to compare.

How to measure?